We believe in Art’s power to improve and nurture human connections. We see sculptures a tool for transferring feelings of passion from the artist to the next owner. Our sculptures are a message to the world. A message saying that human connection is the most important connection.


We apologize in advance for not taking any refunds as all or our sales are final.

Sale items

Existing/repeating customers are getting 5% off on any purchases.


We do not offer or replace any items due to the fact that they are one of a kind, that is extremely difficult to replicate, and we do not ship any of our items with physical defects (sculptures by default are to contain perhaps unwanted edges of etching and these are there by design).

All of our shipments are insured at 1/3 of the cost paid for any item.


If you are a customer that have purchased items in the value of over $50,000, you are eligible for one of our secret gifts at no cost to you.

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