The Artist

Serbu has been carving wood for over 50 years. Until 1990, he worked as a freelance artisan for clients from all over Europe. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1990, he was work as a woodcarver for several furniture companies in Arizona. His work includes statues, carved beams, bas relief, furniture and cabinetry carvings.

“I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Romania. Most of my artwork depicts scenery from my childhood, I have done a lot of work on commission and I have learned to adapt to many styles of work. I like the rustic scenarios of people’s everyday life. My art is beyond exquisite, sold around the world in Canada, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Anglia, Nederlands, Israel, Egypt, to many private collectors”.

Constantin Serbu

These are the type of art flavors that we are going to offer in our store:

  • Animals
  • Religious
  • Hanged
  • Stand
  • Contemporary
  • Custom Furniture

Do you want to learn about other types of sculptures:

Abstract: A sculpture that does not represent any recognizable object or scene.
Aesthetic: Pleasing to the senses or mind.
Angular: Having sharp angles or corners.
Architectural: Resembling or relating to architecture.
Baroque: A style of art, architecture, and music that flourished in Europe from the early 17th to the mid-18th centuries.
Bold: Having or showing a strong and confident personality.
Contemporary: Relating to the present time.
Cubist: A style of art that originated in the early 20th century and is characterized by the use of geometric shapes to represent objects.
Dynamic: Full of energy and movement.
Elegant: Graceful and refined in appearance or manner.
Expressive: Showing or revealing strong feeling or emotion.
Geometric: Having or relating to shapes that are made up of straight lines and curves.
Impressionistic: A style of art that originated in the late 19th century and is characterized by the use of light and color to capture the artist’s impression of a scene.
Minimalist: A style of art that is characterized by its simplicity and lack of ornamentation.
Modern: Relating to the present period or age.
Monochromatic: Having or consisting of only one color.
Naturalistic: Representing nature in a realistic way.
Organic: Having the qualities of a living organism.
Realistic: Representing things as they actually are.
Renaissance: A period of European history from the 14th to the 17th centuries, marking the transition from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.
Romantic: Expressing or characterized by strong feeling or emotion.
Sculpted: Having been created by sculpting.
Static: Not moving or changing.
Symmetrical: Having the same shape on opposite sides of a central line.
Texture: The way a surface feels when touched.
Vintage: Relating to or denoting a style or item from the past that is popular again.